Kylie is an SEO Strategist with Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing. Her lifelong loves are fiction and storytelling, and she’s found that she’s equally passionate about telling other’s stories as well. That’s why she loves SEO; she’s found that if she can find just the right keywords, she can make sure that the content makes it in front of exactly who needs to see it. It’s like matchmaking without the awkwardness of a first date!

After living a fairly nomadic adolescence, Kylie has laid down roots in Ocean City, New Jersey, but loves to pop into her former home of St. Louis every once in a while. Kylie is a doting yet still well-adjusted dog mom of 3, a horror movie and video game buff, and aspiring fiction writer. She always has a fun fact locked and loaded, even if you didn’t ask for one, and wants to tell you about this true crime story she just read about.