Mark Greeno

Paid Search Manager

Mark Greeno is a Paid Search Manager at Digital Strike. Every day, he is working to increase his customer’s growth and profitability through social media and search engine advertising. He loves finding and solving new puzzles. At Digital Strike, Mark solves puzzles to gain insights and find undiscovered digital marketing strategies to test in the real world.

Mark has lived in the St. Louis, MO area his entire life. He has 18 years of experience in developing websites, SEO strategies, and running SEM campaigns. For the last seven years, he has worked in-house at area local service companies developing hyperlocal digital marketing funnels and campaigns. Mark currently holds certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Comptia Net+, and Comptia A+.

When he isn’t working, he spends a lot of time with his wife, family, and close friends. Most nights and weekends, they all get together to play various board games, role-playing games, poker, and hold trivia competitions. He also loves playtime with his two cats and dog. When it is warm, he enjoys playing golf, going to the Muny, and visiting local parks including Forest Park.