Lead SEO Strategist

As the Lead SEO Strategist here at Digital Strike, Aaron is responsible for building a strong and engaged SEO team that can support our clients and improve their performance in the organic search results. 

Aaron has been dedicated to learning and refining his SEO expertise for over 15 years, with a focus on helping his clients uncover their most valuable opportunities and pursue them. His extensive experience is predominantly rooted in the agency service model, offering him valuable insights across a variety of sectors, including CPG, B2B, and informational-based brands. Notable brands in his portfolio include Cable ONE/Sparklight, Merck Manuals (both Human and Vet manuals), Siteman Cancer Center, Alamo Rent-A-Car, Quill, and more.

One of Aaron’s most remarkable achievements was his work with Merck Manuals, where he played a pivotal role in transforming a national English site into a global medical information hub. Over six years, he steered the organic traffic growth from 4 million monthly visitors to an impressive 70 million. This experience demonstrates his profound understanding of international SEO.

Aaron possesses a unique expertise in website migrations and mergers, having successfully managed several major transitions. Notable examples include Cable ONE to Sparklight for both business and residential sites, the migration of Siteman Cancer Center, and numerous mergers for Merck/MSD, where he was brought in to rectify a previously mishandled migration.

His educational background includes a degree in Computer Science from MU, and he maintains a strong commitment to continually enhancing his technical comprehension of foundational principles. Aaron actively shares his knowledge with others, fostering a deeper understanding of SEO and Analytics. He holds Google certifications in Google Ads and Google Analytics, and he is well-versed in various platforms such as WordPress, HubSpot, an array of SEO tools, Google Tag Manager, HTML, and scripting languages like PHP and Python.

As a leader, Aaron has led teams in the realms of SEO and Data/Analytics. He is a passionate learner and a dedicated teacher, always eager to share his knowledge when qualified. His approach to work is characterized by a love for efficient processes, simplicity, and a commitment to transparency. His easy-going and patient demeanor makes him an approachable and effective collaborator in the field of SEO.

Currently, he works at Digital Strike with the goal of making as much of a positive impact for DS and our clients as he can. Overall, he loves working with people and solving problems with clients and with his team.

Outside of work, Aaron has a wife named Vickie with whom he shares two girls: Emma (9) and Grace (4). He is a serious darts player and generally loves all games (warning: he is a bit competitive). He loves music and finding new music. He likes going outdoors and getting his hands dirty with hiking, exploring, or building things.

He is a recent member of the Meremac Valley Grotto (caving), and is also a member of the Missouri Mycological Society. He loves to cook, and a good bourbon. Finally, he is a techy, so if it’s new or technically-complicated, he’d love to tinker around with it.