Solutions are big. And, by definition, they have to work. When your ecommerce site or business needs a customized digital marketing plan that actually pushes the needle, turn to a professional digital marketing agency. Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing offers cost-effective digital marketing services that help empower opportunities for growth, including boosted conversion rates and organic traffic.

Digital Marketing Solutions We Offer

Our full-service team of digital marketing specialists goes beyond traditional marketing tactics to deliver results that help your business grow. That is why we offer a wide range of solutions, including:

Red icon of a cog inside a glowing lightbulb. Represents the concept of digital marketing strategy.

General digital marketing strategy

to streamline your digital marketing efforts.

Icon of an increasing line graph bursting out a magnifying glass. Represents the concept of organic SEO marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy

from a team of SEO strategists who know on-page and off-site solutions that work.

Clipart of a magnifying glass with a key inside overtop an increasing graph, symbolizing keyword research.

Keyword research

to ensure you’re going after popular, relevant queries your users are searching for, every single time.

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Case study access

on popular industry topics with expert insight from our killer team. Best of all? It's. All. For. FREE.

Red icon of a wrench inside a cog. Represents the concept of technical SEO.

Technical SEO services

to make your site more attractive to search platforms so you can rank in SERPs.

Clipart symbolizing content marketing.

Content marketing services

and copywriting services for building both paid search and organic traffic alike.

Clipart of a chain link with a cog, symbolizing SEO link building.

Link-building services

to boost brand awareness, gain authority, and enhance your backlink profile.

Red clipart of a magnifying glass hovering over a Google location pin. Representing the concept of local SEO.

Local SEO Services

to enhance lead generation and retention rates for customers in your neighborhood.

Red clipart of a cursor hovers over a US dollar sign inside two concentric circles, representing the concept of paid search advertising/PPC campaigns.

Paid PPC campaigns (pay-per-click)

on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more.

Icon of a megaphone with 2 speech bubbles, one with a hashtag in it and the other with a like/thumbs up button.

Paid social media marketing

on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Organic social media

to meet your target audience on the social media platforms they love like TikTok.

Red clipart of a megaphone over an envelope, representing the concept of email marketing.

Email marketing services,

including building email lists and writing email campaigns.

Red icon of a web page that shoes a dollar sign, square with "AD" inside, and megaphone. Represents the concept of programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising

to let automation handle the hassle of ad buying and placement.

Red icon of a repeating circle of arrows surrounding a megaphone. Represents the concept of remarketing advertising.

Remarketing advertising

to never miss potential customers and miss out on conversions.

Red clipart of a desktop screen with cylinders on top and a US dollar sign on the bottom to represent the concept of display ads.

Display advertising,

including creating attractive ads and placing them in the best spots.

Clipart of a magnifying glass over a graph on a computer screen, symbolizing SEO keyword research and an SEO site audit.

Digital marketing reporting,

with monthly reports on all your online marketing channels.

Industries We Serve

Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing is based in Webster Groves, Missouri. Our main office is basically the world’s coolest former-gas-station-turned-SEO-agency. Our nimble team of experts offers the high-quality digital marketing services with pricing that works for business owners in all industries and verticals, including:

Red icon of a plant sprouting out of tilled soil, representing the concept of agriculture.


Red clipart of two business people reviewing information while talking to each other (displayed with speech bubbles). Represents the concept of business consulting.

Business Consulting

Red icon representing the concept of ISP marketing.

Fiber Internet

Red clipart of one building linking out to two smaller identical buildings, representing the concept of franchise groups.

Franchise Groups

Red clipart of a DNA double helix, representing the concept of genomics and medical research.

Genomics/Medical Research

Red clipart of a mechanical cog inside a dotted circle, surrounded by a fan, water droplet, snowflake, and flame. Represents the concept of HVAC.


Red clipart of a cyclical process of industrial distribution, with processes flowing from plant to truck to person.

Industrial Distribution

Red clipart of a hand holding up weights, representing the concept of legal services.

Legal Services

Red clipart of three mechanical cogs. Representing the concept of manufacturing.


Red clipart of a person pushing a mechanical cog that has a US dollar sign inside of it in the foreground. Background shows a house. Represents the concept of mortgage lending.

Mortgage Lenders

Red clipart of a leaking pipe and wrench, representing the concept of plumbing.


Red clipart of a basic sloped roof, representing the concept of roofing.


Red clipart of an elderly couple using canes inside a building; a heart is over their heads. Represents the concept of senior living.

Senior Living

Red clipart of a graduation cap that represents the concept of universities and academia.

University & Academia

Work with the Experts

old gas station to top seo company in St. louis MO

We are proud of our team of digital marketing experts, with each team member bringing years of experience to the table. Our data-driven digital marketing services push the needle and bring your digital marketing campaigns and online presence to the next level, with real metrics to inform our decisions.

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