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Local SEO? Yeah, We’ve Heard of Her

Most digital marketers know the importance of search engine optimization, or SEO. But oftentimes a forgotten aspect of SEO is local SEO, or aspects of SEO that affect how high (if at all) a business ranks in local search results. Having a comprehensive strategy to tackle local SEO can mean the difference of making local customers out of people who live near your business and losing out on new clients.

Don’t lose out. Optimize your online presence with the right local SEO strategies.

Like anything else in search engine results, there are various factors and metrics that affect whether or not a local business will do well in local search result pages. Local SEO ranking factors that affect SEO performance on Google include:

  • A real-world location, complete with a full address, that can be found on Google Maps.
  • Local citations, or references to the business in local directories.
  • Consistency of the local business’ phone number, name, and address are consistent across their website and local directories.
  • Good user experience, measured partly by a good ratio of positive reviews to negative reviews on Google search, Yelp, and other sites.
  • A complete Google My Business listing.
  • The business location’s real-world proximity to the location of local customers.
  • A healthy backlink profile.
  • On-page optimization of high-quality content that users want to consume.

A man's hand clicks on a smart phone with a map displayed. The phone sets on a table with a physical map with location pins. Represents the concept of local SEO marketing services.

Benefits of Local SEO for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A robust local SEO strategy should always be part of any digital marketing campaign. Here’s why. A comprehensive local SEO campaign can:

  • Enhance online visibility in search algorithms
  • Drive website traffic to your site
  • Boost conversion rates on local keyword campaigns
  • Make your site a trusted resource for your local target audience

Local SEO Services We Offer

We’re the local SEO agency with years of experiencing helping large and small businesses alike climb local search rankings. It’s why we offer services like the following.

Red icon of three location pins. Represents the concept of using YEXT to manage multi-location listings in local SEO directories.

YEXT profile setup

and management for multi-location companies.

Red clipart of a magnifying glass hovering over a Google location pin. Representing the concept of local SEO.

Setup and management

of Google My Business (GMB)/Google Business Profile (GBP) listings.

Red icon of a magnifying glass hovering over a dollar sign on a web page. Represents the concept of creation of locally-focused PPC campaigns and landing pages.

Creation of PPC campaigns

and landing pages focused on your area.

Red clipart of a magnifying glass hovering over a key, which itself is inside a search platform search bar. Represents the concept of keyword research.

Keyword research

specific to your business that local customers are searching.

Red icon representing the concept of content creation.

Content creation

centered on local keywords popular in your local market.

An icon of a red phone with a map pin hovering above it. Represents the concept of tracking local calls to track leads and engagements in local SEO.

Review and tracking

of customer phone calls to track conversions.

Graphic representing the concept of generating a report. Digital Strike brand red.

Local SEO audit

to identify pain points and opportunities for growth.

Clipart of a magnifying glass over a graph on a computer screen, symbolizing SEO keyword research and an SEO site audit.

Monthly reports

and meetings with insight from our in-house team of local SEO experts.

Other Digital Marketing Services We Offer

We like to think of ourselves as one of the best local SEO companies in the area. But we’re more than a local SEO agency. We’re also a digital marketing agency that specializes in data-driven digital marketing solutions for companies of all sizes. That’s why we offer full-service solutions like:

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