Local SEO: Your key to increased
foot traffic and area-specific clients

Increase visibility and generate business in your area with a comprehensive local SEO campaign

Many Google searches carry local intent. When you’re searching for restaurants, malls—or even plumbers—it’s likely you want one that’s near you.

So, if you want business, you need to optimize your site for local searches. It’s simple, right?

Well, kind of. Local results are completely different from organic results—and the SEO rules are different, too.

When it comes to local SEO, there are two basic algorithms that Google has: the local pack and organic. If you’re looking to attract customers in a specific location, you need to optimize for both.

And because the only constant in local SEO is change, you need a dedicated team that will stay on top of trends and follow proven, prevailing best practices.

Digital Strike is that team.

Our group of local SEO specialists is known throughout the search engine optimization industry as thought leaders through their exclusive, partner-only webinars and, of course, their proven track record of success.

Local SEO is a mix of foundational fixes—things that will get your company into the game—and competitive difference-makers—things that will get you ahead.

To appear in the local 3-pack or local organic search results (see local SEO explanation below), you’ll first need to build a strong foundation, and then develop a competitive strategy.

We excel in both foundational and competitive local search optimization, and we’ll guide you toward the local SEO strategy right for your company and vertical.

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Winning rankings—and business—with a strong local SEO campaign

Optimizing for local can help small businesses and large corporations alike win area-specific business.

Here’s how a customized local optimization solution from Digital Strike can grow your business:

More Local Visibility

When you appear in search results for local-intent searches, your business listing becomes like a free advertisement to area consumers.

Latent Lead Generation

Local pack conversion rates are as high as 60 percent. When you optimize your site for local, consumers are much more likely to call your business.

Increased Foot Traffic and Local Sales

Local searches tend to have ”go” and ”purchase” intent. Ranking in local can increase foot traffic to your store, or sales for your business.

Want to know what, exactly, goes into our local optimization strategy? We’ll show you our hand.

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