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A solid digital marketing plan covers multiple platforms to make sure that you’re reaching the right customers at the right time. Whether you’ve tried running ads yourself or with another agency, you’ve probably come to realize it takes more than just putting money into facebook ads and praying for results.

At Digital Strike, we bring a strategic approach to creating, running, and optimizing social media paid advertising – more than just a set it and forget it approach.

Over our many years of digital marketing experiences, we’ve run hundreds of paid social media ads and have found that the pathway to success ultimately comes down to two things:

  • Strategy Backed by Research
  • Experienced & Diligent Account Management

You know how important it is to have goals that actually benefit your business. Likes, shares, impressions, reach – all these are nice metrics but your social ads should be focusing on your business’s goals.

Your paid social media advertising should focus on lead generation, building brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Our optimization efforts focus on a social media strategy that generates wins for your business. So every optimization our team makes is strategically carried out based on data from testing tests, industry research, and precise data tracking.

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Lead Generation

Getting more leads is at the core of every business’s marketing efforts. Using highly targeted campaigns and a researched strategy we create ads that not only put you in front of your target customer, but drive action.

Proven ROI

Expanding Your Brand Awareness

Running a social ad campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways to reinforce your brand and introduce your business to potential new customers. If you’re looking to promote a new service or get your business’s brand in front of thousands of new customers, we can help by creating exceptionally targeted ads while maintaining a low CPC and CPM, making the most of your ad spend.

Proven ROI

Engaging With Your Audience

Advertising is inherently disruptive; it takes you away from what you were doing. Using social media advertising to your advantage, you can create ads that are more interactive and engaging than non-social marketing platforms. This closer interaction allows your customers to build loyalty to your brand.

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I have been working with Digital Strike for several years now. After having worked with Many internet marketing and SEO companies, I happy to say that Digital Strike is a Diamond in the Rough. In an industry where results count, these guys get results. I have had several other business owners and industry SEO experts look at our websites and their performance and ask “Who does your SEO? … its really good!” etc. To me that speaks volumes. Thank you to the whole team at Digital Strike!

– Danny Baker

When you choose Digital Strike for PPC, you choose...


You will know exactly what is going on within your account while your ads are running. We'll share wins, losses, and what optimizations we’d recommend to keep things growing over time. With every social media advertising campaign, we set up detailed tracking to monitor key metrics to ensure you understand what will actually help your business rather than vanity metrics.


Over the years our team has gained valuable experience working in a number of industries allowing us to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table for all our accounts. The biggest thing we've learned - there is no "one size fits all" approach for social media marketing. That means it begins with a solid strategic foundation combined with the knowledge to make optimizations to squeeze as much as we can out of each and every social media campaign. Our team members are resourceful in finding that connection that makes your ads work for your target audience.

Proven Track Record

Alongside our experience comes the wins and losses we've had over the years - and we learn from both. While social media channels change seemingly weekly, we continue to learn, grow, and be here to produce quality engagements for businesses like yours.

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How We Do It

Our approach to running paid social marketing campaigns is simple.

First, we evaluate your business’ goals and audience to determine which social network will be most effective.

Next, we begin our research to ensure we know how to properly target your audience, what they are researching, and what will motivate them to take action.

We’ll then develop stunning brand-focused ads that will stand out in the newsfeed as well as drive action – with your approval – but our creative direction will always be backed by research and data.

Each day your campaigns are running, our team is busy analyzing the data and when needed, making necessary optimizations and recommendations for continued growth.

Lastly, we use extensive tracking that we set up during your onboarding process to gather data that guides our marketing strategy and lets us evaluate campaign performance with any social media platform.

Competitors come and go, tastes change, and even though we created an initial strategy – we change as the necessary data comes in.

As Mike Tyson is credited with saying – “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” – we have a strategic plan but the marketplace is our punch to the mouth and to survive we have to be able to deviate and change.

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