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SEO isn’t magic—it’s a strategy-driven way to attract relevant traffic to your site and drive leads.

It’s a combination of on-page content and off-page signals that indicate to Google that your content is worth displaying to its users.

Here’s why SEO is important: when someone comes to Google (or Yahoo or Bing) with a question, Google wants to provide the right answer. And they want to do it quickly, so the searcher doesn’t stop using their search engine.

They use an ever-changing algorithm to find, save and provide the information they think most closely aligns with what a searcher wants.

The goal is to get on the first page of search results so the user sees your business during key product research or purchasing decisions. Whether the searcher is ready to buy or simply learning more about your service, you want to be visible in results.

And if you want to be featured on the first page of Google results, you need to play by Google’s rules.

That’s where Digital Strike comes in. We know white hat SEO best practices backward and forwards, and we can develop a customized and comprehensive SEO strategy that will push the needle for your business.

We’re a nimble team of digital marketers opening up possibilities for companies just like yours.

Sit down with our team of innovators for a free consultation, and we’ll develop an SEO strategy that will drive results for your company!

SEO: Breaking down the barrier between you and your customers

Your business is already great. SEO is about communicating to Google—the gatekeeper between you and search traffic—that your site is worth displaying.

When you optimize your site for search engines by building a robust link profile, easily navigable site structure and killer content strategy, Google will display you in search results—and searchers will naturally gravitate toward your business.

Here’s how a customized search engine optimization solution from Digital Strike can grow your business:

Attract targeted traffic

If you target your SEO strategy around the keywords your ideal audience is using, you’ll show up in their search results and they’ll land on your site.

Convert searchers into leads

Once they’re on your site, if you have content addressing their questions and pain points, you’ll have your customers in the palm of your hand.

Grow your customer base

The ultimate goal of any SEO strategy is to convert searchers into customers. As your website traffic and conversion rates rise, so will your bottom line.

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