Don’t fear the robots.

Make them work for you.

If you’re a digital marketer who wants to reach a specific audience at the perfect time in their customer journey (without blowing your budget), then you need to utilize the right programmatic advertising services.

Why Do You Need Programmatic Advertising Services?

Programmatic advertising, or programmatic buying, offloads a lot of the stress and manual labor of ad buying, audience targeting, and ad placement, instead letting sophisticated machine-learning algorithms do the mental calculus of ad bidding and placement.

Let’s put it another way.

Programmatic ads ensure you are maximizing ad spend with the power of automation. You set your budget and your maximum CPM (cost per mille/cost per thousand impressions), create your ads, choose an optimal ad space, set your target audience and a few other key parameters, and then let whatever algorithm on the advertising platform you partner with take care of the rest. By “take care of the rest,” of course, we mean that this algorithm will let your campaign engage in real-time bidding (RTB) with other digital marketing campaigns.

Essentially, you let data-driven ad tech do the actual bidding for digital advertising spaces, saving you lots of valuable time. If you win the bid for your chosen ad space, your ads will get displayed in front of your target audience.

Photograph of two smartphones showing digital ads. Represents the concept of programmatic services and programmatic advertising.

Why is Programmatic Advertising Important?

If you aren’t engaging with programmatic buying, you’re missing out on a major industry standard for ad placement. And this practice is an industry standard for a reason. The benefits of programmatic advertising include:

  • Saving time by letting algorithms take care of the actual bidding process.
  • Saving money by optimizing return on investment (ROI), showing your ads only in front of the most relevant audience.
  • Providing real value to consumers, who see only the most relevant ads.
  • Enhancing viewability, showing your ads more often in front of users who are more likely to engage with your campaigns.
  • Enabling retargeting advertising, using real-time data to re-engage with potential customers.
  • Providing scalability, with automated bidding oftentimes allowing campaigns to reach much wider audiences than could be achieved manually.

What are the 4 Programmatic Platforms?

There are four major types of platforms that enable programmatic services, which are:

  1. Data Management Platforms (DMPs) – DMPs are where advertisers and algorithms can build and manage their audience profiles using a wide variety of data, including first-party data and third-party data. Popular DMPs include Google Marketing Platform and Audience Studio by Salesforce.
  2. Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) – DSPs are the “brands” or “buyers” in programmatic advertising; they are platforms that let advertisers bid on ad inventory. Popular DSPs include Facebook Ads Manager (Meta Ads Manager) and Media Math.
  3. Supply-Side Platforms, or Sell-Side Platforms (SSPs) – SSPs are the “sellers” in the programmatic buying game; an SSP will let publishers sell their ads to the highest bidder. Popular SSPs include Google Ad Manager and Xander (AppNexus).
  4. Ad Exchanges – Think of ad exchanges as the middlemen between DSPs and SSPs; they allow brands and sellers to exchange ad inventory. Popular ad exchanges include OpenX and PubMatic.

About Our Programmatic Advertising Services

When in-house advertising and bidding get overwhelming, contact the experts in media buying. We empower opportunities to boost campaign performance with our programmatic advertising services, which include:

Media planning services,

including ad creation.

Expertise in various ad formats,

including search, native, social, and display ads.

24/7 management

of programmatic advertising campaigns.

Ownership of first-party data

to enhance ad relevance.

Use of first and third-party data

to create relevant audience segments.

Brand safety best practices

to protect your brand and messaging.

Non-Programmatic Ad Services We Offer

Programmatic ads are game-changers. But they are only a piece of the digital marketing puzzle. To complete your puzzle, you need all the pieces, which include:

At Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing, we have all the puzzle pieces, including programmatic advertising services. And we’re pretty good at fitting the pieces together. Contact us today to learn more about how we can give you the opportunities you need to boost campaign performance.


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