Off-site SEO strategy: A crucial piece to the digital marketing puzzle

Off-site SEO builds your sites authority and can give a boost to your search engine rankings

You could have a website that’s perfectly SEO optimized, and still not rank in Google search results.


Because what happens on your site is only half the story. What happens off your site is just as important.

There are hundreds of factors affecting how Google’s algorithm ranks pages, but they can be separated into two buckets: on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

Simply put, on-site SEO + off-site SEO = results

If you’re missing one of the puzzle pieces, you’ll have a hard time ranking in search results.

That’s why Digital Strike focuses on implementing both elements for our clients in their digital marketing strategy.

We always start with a comprehensive SEO audit, where we evaluate the state of your off-site and on-site SEO. Then we make a strategy for how we can help you drive targeted traffic to your site and generate leads.

Our team of visionaries has the insight to develop a goal-driven digital marketing, and the experience necessary to execute it successfully.

Our customized plan for your business will cost-effectively convert leads and increase sales for your business.

We’re a nimble team of digital marketers opening up possibilities for companies just like yours.

Sit down with our team of innovators for a free consultation, and we’ll develop an SEO strategy that will drive results for your company!

The benefits of a strong off-site SEO campaign

Off-site optimization indicates to Google that you are an authoritative and reputable source to display to its users. And more visibility to searchers can skyrocket your conversions, sales and bottom line.

Here’s how a customized off-site optimization solution from Digital Strike can grow your business:

Increase Your Site's Authority

As more sites link to you, and talk about your awesome content, your authority both to Google and your industry will grow.

Improve Your Online Reputation

Review-building campaigns allow you to address bad reviews and generate good ones, improving your star rating and your reputation.

Increase visibility and Sales

A better authority and reputation give you a much better chance of appearing in search results—and converting those searchers into paying customers.

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