Smart, adaptable PPC management that drives leads

Expertly Managed PPC Campaigns with Measurable ROI

Pay per click advertising (think: paying Google to feature your website in search results) is like traditional advertising (think: TV, billboards and radio) but with one crucial difference—it’s not disruptive.

Well-managed PPC (also referred to as cost per click, or CPC) campaigns can, quite literally, target your ads only to those with the intent to learn about or buy from your business.

A potential lead has a problem, and you get to be there to solve it.

We’ve found that the key to success is that your PPC campaign must be well-managed. Everyone with a computer and an internet connection can run a PPC campaign, but inexperienced PPC management leads to wasteful spending and little to no ROI.

At the end of the day, you need more calls, form submissions, leads and sales, but you don’t want to pay more per conversion than the client will pay for the service.

Digital Strike can help.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses of every size in almost every vertical earn clients and grow their business through optimized PPC campaigns.

Over the years, our team has spent millions in Adwords, Bing and social media spend. But more importantly, we’ve earned millions more for our clients in the form of leads and sales.

Smart PPC management is the key to success. We don’t throw darts and hope one sticks. We have proven strategies that we’ve developed to drive conversion rates up and conversion costs down.

We are able to adapt quickly as we learn which keywords, ads and landing pages are working—and which ones aren’t.

As a campaign runs, we’ll optimize your campaign so it works harder to achieve your business goals.

Plus, we’ll tell you where every cent is being spent. You’ll receive a transparent and consistent report that shows the real story of how your campaign is doing.

If something isn’t working, we’ll tell you. And we’ll have a solution in hand for how to fix it.

Our PPC managers are experts at developing PPC campaigns with high conversion rates and low conversion costs. We’re good at what we do and can achieve real dollars-and-cents results for your business.

Digital Strike is a certified agency partner of Google Adwords, and have developed hundreds of successful PPC campaigns for companies just like yours.

If you’re interested in getting started, schedule an obligation-free consultation today!

PPC: Immediate results, long-term ROI

Smart, efficient PPC campaigns are a great way to generate business in slow seasons or increase your company’s reach through targeted advertising.

Here’s how pay per click advertising from Digital Strike can grow your business:

Quick Wins

SEO takes a long time to produce results. PPC’s impact is immediate—it allows you to win for competitive industry terms, as well as bridge the gap while your SEO campaign takes hold.

Limited Time Campaigns

PPC is great for promoting limited time or seasonal promotions. We’ll simply create the campaign, a conversion-friendly landing page and you’ll see immediate results.

Proven ROI

With PPC, you can clearly see how much money you’re putting in, and how much you’re making. We constantly monitor and adapt your campaign to make sure every dollar you spend counts.

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