Everyone is searching for something online, whether that be information, places to buy a new Stanley cup, or pictures of dogs. Why not make the most of these searches and generate a profit? It’s possible with well-managed pay-per-click campaigns. And if you’re looking for expert PPC marketing services, you’ve come to the right place: Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing.

Immediate Results, Long-Term ROI with PPC

Smart, efficient PPC campaigns are a great way to generate business in slow seasons or increase your company’s reach through targeted advertising.

We’ve found that the key to success is that your PPC campaign must be well-managed. Everyone with a computer and an internet connection can run a PPC campaign, but inexperienced PPC management can lead to wasteful spending and little to no ROI.

Trust us, that’s no fun.

At the end of the day, you need more calls, form submissions, leads, and sales. The trick is that you don’t want to pay more per conversion than the client will pay for the service. That’s where a qualified campaign management team can help.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses of every size in almost every vertical earn clients and grow their business through optimized PPC campaigns. Over the years, our team has spent millions on Google Ads, Bing, and social media. But, more importantly, we’ve earned millions more for our clients in the form of qualified leads and sales.

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Benefits of PPC Campaigns

Online advertising and placing ecommerce shopping ads can be hard. But with a team of experts at the wheel of your campaign, you can see the benefits of PPC campaigns like:

  • Return on investment. With pay-per-click advertising, you can clearly see how much money you’re putting in and how much you’re making. We constantly monitor and adapt your campaigns to make sure every dollar you spend counts.
  • Promotional growth. PPC advertising is great for promoting limited time or seasonal promotions. We’ll simply create the campaign and a conversion-friendly landing page within your price range. You’ll see opportunities for growth.
  • Quick wins. SEO takes a long time to produce results. A PPC ad campaign’s impact is immediate. It allows you to win for competitive industry terms as well as bridge the gap while your SEO campaign takes hold.

Channels We Advertise On

We enjoy diversity and creating campaigns that drive results. It’s why we advertise on a wide range of channels like:

PPC Management Services We Offer

We’re a PPC management company staffed with a team of industry experts, from content strategists to PPC specialists to strategic account managers. Our team can offer you ads management services that include:

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PPC strategy

to make the most of your ad spend and reduce loss.

Red icon of a web page that shoes a dollar sign, square with "AD" inside, and megaphone. Represents the concept of programmatic advertising.

Creating display ads

that appeal to your target demographic.

Clipart of a magnifying glass with a key inside overtop an increasing graph, symbolizing keyword research.

Keyword research

to ensure you are bidding on the right queries.

A/b testing

to ensure your advertising strategies are optimized.

Red icon of a magnifying glass hovering over a dollar sign on a web page. Represents the concept of creation of locally-focused PPC campaigns and landing pages.

Creating search ads

that rank for the right queries every time.

Red icon representing the concept of content creation.

Creating ad copy,

including copywriting and image creation.

Red icon of a wrench inside a cog. Represents the concept of technical SEO.

Campaign management

from PPC experts to streamline the process.

Graphic representing the concept of targeting audiences online. Scope outline over people icons. Digital Strike brand red.

Retargeting services

to enhance conversion rate optimization.

Creating landing pages

that your target audience will ensure.

Programmatic advertising,

including bid management and ad placement.

Other Digital Marketing Services We Offer

We are not just a PPC agency. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that offers cost-effective search engine optimization and online advertising services businesses rely on to boost campaign performance and brand awareness.

Besides our pay-per-click marketing services, we also offer:

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