Sharon Ayres

Human Resources


Sharon is the Human Resources manager at Digital Strike, using her career experience in order to further excel in the field of marketing, communications, and employee development. She hopes to continue to embrace changes in how to best reach and relate to clients and co-workers so they both achieve their goals.    

With 15+ years of HR and Management experience in identifying and growing talent, she has had the opportunity to learn at not only the university level but through life experiences, allowing her to teach and guide others. Her work ethic and dedication are both strong, and she has been fortunate to learn from some outstanding mentors and bosses.

Sharon loves helping others discover hidden talent and not only identifying goals but also establishing a path to achieving those goals.Outside of work, Sharon is a DYI-er. She loves construction, building anything, rehabbing houses, painting, and more. She also loves music, dancing, biking, running, and—most of all—family.