Strategic content marketing:

The fuel behind any effective digital marketing campaign

How a comprehensive content strategy amplifies SEO and PPC, and generates business.

Strategic content marketing and search engine marketing—both paid and unpaid—work together kind of like a positive feedback loop, each amplifying the value of the other.

You can’t choose just one. Not if you want results.

If you want your site to rank in search results and drive leads for your business, you have to do both.

Useful, well-written content pieces are the lifeblood that makes search engine marketing work. No SEO campaign can reach its full potential without killer content that converts. And well-written landing pages serve to reduce the cost and improve the conversion rate of PPC campaigns.

Think about it: even if your SEO or PPC campaign draws millions of website visitors a month, no one will convert into a lead if your content isn’t helpful.

Likewise, even the best content won’t convert if it never gets seen—good, white hat SEO tactics and paid search marketing boost the reach of your blogs, pages and premium content pieces.

And, because customers are making 70 to 90 percent of their buying decisions through online research before ever contacting your sales people, you cannot afford to be absent from search engine results when they begin asking questions online about your services.

In the past, you could address a prospect’s questions through mass media marketing or a sales call and close the deal.

No longer. Content marketing is the new sales process.

A prospect’s questions are being asked and answered online long before you even know the lead exists. You need to have SEO-optimized content pieces and PPC landing pages armed and ready to answer your prospect’s questions at the right time.

If you aren’t there to satisfy the intent of every search a potential lead is making, they will become your content-marketing-savvy competitor’s customer.

Creating a content strategy that answers your client’s questions and wins their business

Digital Strike takes a holistic approach to content strategy. Not all visitors to your site are ready to buy. In fact, the overwhelming majority of them aren’t.

So we look to develop a strategy for your content that addresses every stage of your ideal buyer’s journey.

We’ll develop a customized content strategy that addresses all the questions your ideal buyer might have from awareness to consideration to purchase—and everything in between—that will eventually make your future clients comfortable making a buying decision with your business.

We believe a good content strategy works like a good salesperson, holding the prospect’s hand and pushing them further along in the buying cycle.

Useful, helpful content gives prospects the nudge they need to advance from researcher to lead to paying customer.

Here’s how a customized content marketing solution from Digital Strike can grow your business:

Attract targeted website visitors

Address your audience’s pain points within well-written, keyword-optimized content pieces, and you’ll appear when a searcher asks a question about a solution your company provides.

Convert them into leads

We’ll get to the root of your target audience’s pain points, and address them through well-researched blogs, guides and pages that turn searchers into paying customers.

Grow your business

Good content marketing pays for itself. Answer your audience’s questions in a way that attracts the attention of Google, and let your website be your own best salesperson.

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