Everyone wonders how to execute the best digital marketing campaigns. Wonder no more. We know that a key part of making your online marketing efforts a success is in the details, specifically the key metrics you use to quantify success and to adjust your campaigns to reach your goals. And when it comes to digital marketing reporting services, no one does it quite like Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing.

Why Reporting Matters

Ugh. Paperwork. Spreadsheets. Trust us, we know: it’s not always fun. But it is always important to track your digital marketing activities closely using real-time data and other key performance indicators (KPIs) so that you can always pivot your strategies should something unexpectedly change. (And trust us, we know: something will unexpectedly change that affects your ad campaign performance, keyword rankings, bounce rate, the number of visitors to your site, and more.)

Let’s put it another way. Marketers worth their salt know how invaluable user data is. According to Google, “[l]eading marketers are 72% more likely than the mainstream to invest in quality and/or volume [improvements] of the first-party data they capture.” This data will explicitly tell marketers where they are succeeding and where they are falling short in their campaigns and overall marketing efforts. It helps digital marketing teams decide how best to adapt their strategies so that they can continue improving their return on investment by boosting sales, brand awareness, and audience engagement.

How about we use an example? Using metrics from a variety of data sources like Google, Bing, and Facebook can come together to tell a story. The story lets your team know that engagements on blog posts are down. Data points from your sources let you know that the drop is coming from click-throughs on Facebook. Now that your team knows where your metaphorical leak in the boat is, you can patch up your social media campaigns to get back on course.

An example of a Digital Strike dashboard illustrating the source of site visits over 13 months.
An example of a Digital Strike dashboard illustrating the source of site visits over 13 months.


Digital Marketing Reporting Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on our robust reporting processes. We take the initiative to stay on top of your campaigns so that you can stay within your marketing budget and meet other important business goals.

When you partner with us, here is what you can expect:

Graphic representing the concept of generating a report. Digital Strike brand red.

Custom reporting dashboards

using the marketing reporting tool Looker Studio.

Clipart symbolizing content marketing.

Dashboards for all services,

including organic search, local SEO, and PPC campaigns.

An icon representing the concept of the internet. Rough-looking image of a web page with cursor.

A performance report detailing KPIs

like keyword rankings, ad spend, organic traffic, conversion rate, paid website traffic, and CPC.

Icon representing concept of site speed. Web page with a speedometer on it.

24/7 access

to your customized monthly marketing report.

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Monthly meetings with our team

to go over all data on the dashboard.

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On-demand custom web analytics reports,

such as end-of-year reports.

Where Do We Pull Our Data From?

Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing dashboards are delivered on a monthly basis and are more than just spreadsheets; they tell a story. Our reports focus on data visualization, using bar graphs to highlight marketing KPIs. Of course, you may be wondering just where we pull our data from. The truth is, our online marketing data is pulled from a variety of data sources and marketing channels, including:

A cowboy with the Digital Strike - Targeted Marketing logo overtop his face lassos a wild horse. The word "data" overlays the wild horse's face. Represents the concept of pulling data from various sources.

Do You Automate Your Reports?

Yes!… and no.


We use a semi-automated reporting process, using integrations with engagement tracking software along with manual data input. Our strategists also regularly check our dashboards for accuracy, so all data is up to date.

Non-Reporting Services We Offer

We’re the digital marketing agency pushing the needle. Our analytics reports provide actionable insights to allow you to make data-driven, informed decisions to do more than meet the bottom line, but exceed expectations for what your online business presence can do.

But we do more than set the benchmark for what digital marketing performance reports should be. Our entire digital marketing team offers plenty of other in-demand services for businesses, including:

Let us help you reach your online marketing goals. Contact us today to learn more about our digital marketing reporting services and other business solutions.


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