Don’t let users be the one lead that got away. Reel them back in with the right remarketing services.

Why are Remarketing Ads Important?

Never give up past customers or lose out on new potential customers.

It’s easy with remarketing and retargeting ads.

Remarketing works by putting relevant ads in front of past customers. Ads remarketing helps keep your brand top of mind, meaning that these campaigns can have a higher conversion rate than other types of digital marketing campaigns. You know what that means: that sweet, sweet, return on investment.

Related to (and sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably with) remarketing ads are retargeting ads. Retargeting services engage with potential customers who have interacted with your ads or brand before. In other words, retargeted ads help convert previous engagements to new customers.

Both remarketing and retargeting ads rely on audience segmentation and user profiling practices to reach users who have shown interest in your brand in some form.

The Platforms We Use

We use a variety of platforms to launch our digital retargeting and remarketing campaigns, including:

We also utilize email remarketing campaigns and physical postcard remarketing campaigns.

Remarketing Services We Offer

We are the remarketing agency that cares about success. Remarketing solutions we offer include:

Clipart symbolizing content marketing.

General remarketing strategy

from top to bottom.

Dynamic remarketing

to never let your target audience get away.

Compiling remarketing lists

to target users efficiently.

Running digital retargeted ads

and installing pixels.

Concept creation icon, represented by icons for text, videos, word-processing documents, and images.

Managing all campaigns,

including video remarketing campaigns and physical postcard campaigns.

Red clipart of a megaphone over a paper with text on it, next to a pencil. Represents the concept of online content marketing.

Creating landing pages

with search engine optimization in mind.

Red clipart of a cursor hovers over a US dollar sign inside two concentric circles, representing the concept of paid search advertising/PPC campaigns.

Optimization of your ad spend

and monitoring of your budget.

Red clipart of two business people reviewing information while talking to each other (displayed with speech bubbles). Represents the concept of business consulting.

Monthly meetings

to ensure you're up to date on campaign progress.

Non-Remarketing Services We Offer

We’re the digital marketing agency that can help you reach your business goals with panache. It’s why we offer services and solutions like:

Never give up your target audience and lose out on sales and conversions. Contact Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing to get started with the best remarketing services.


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