Danielle Moss

Sales & Marketing Director

As the Sales & Marketing Director here at Digital Strike, Danielle seeks new opportunities for business development that align with our long-term goals (e.g., target verticals, average monthly revenue per client, etc.). She also loves collaborating with internal teams to make DS a nationally recognized brand!

She has over 15 years of sales experience, both firsthand and in leading sales teams. During this time, she gained knowledge in both creating and implementing a variety of operational processes. In addition to this experience, she has been a partner/owner of a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in SEO for 10 years.

Her goal at Digital Strike is to educate other professionals on what digital marketing actually is.  

“Digital marketing terms are often loosely thrown around… SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Retargeting, GEO fencing, the list goes on,” says Danielle. “Most professionals know they need help, and they know they need digital marketing, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start.  That confusion leads to spending their marketing budget without knowing their goals, leaving them unable to truly understand their ROI.  So, I love being able to dig in and find opportunities for improvement. Then, of course, the cherry on top is getting to watch them achieve success through our proven process/experience.”

Her other goals include:

  1. Creating a sales process that allows the organization to grow.  
  2. Helping Digital Strike become a nationally recognized brand. 
  3. Achieving our 10-year revenue goal while maintaining our company stand for transparency/client service.

She lives for spontaneity and making the most of life. Whether it’s going to a last-minute show at The Fox, driving to KC for a Chief’s game, or taking the kids to sporting events, there’s always something going on!  Her loved ones are also BIG fans of the NBA:  

“As a family torn between the Lakers and Jazz, the smack talk gets a little wild!”