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Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing is based in Webster Groves, Missouri. We’re the higher ed marketing agency that prides itself on offering services tailored to the unique needs of our higher education clients.

Our team offers the high-quality digital marketing services that higher education institutions need to reach prospective students, thereby driving lead generation and student enrollment. We do so with search engine optimization, social media marketing, content strategy, PPC campaigns, and much more.

Aerial photograph of the three main buildings of Digital Strike - Targeted Marketing, located in downtown Webster Groves, Missouri, which is part of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

We Drive Growth for Higher Education Institutions

We don’t sell promises. We help you build opportunities to drive enrollment and let the results speak for themselves.

Digital Marketing Solutions We Offer

We’re a team of digital strategists dedicated to delivering results. It’s all thanks to our digital marketing strategies and full-service solutions, which include:

Red clipart of a megaphone over a paper with text on it, next to a pencil. Represents the concept of online content marketing.

Content marketing efforts

to reach target audiences and rank on search engines.

Red clipart of a megaphone over an envelope, representing the concept of email marketing.

Email marketing campaigns

to build brand awareness and control brand messaging.

Clipart of a magnifying glass over a graph on a computer screen, symbolizing SEO keyword research and an SEO site audit.

Robust SEO services,

including technical, local, off-page, and on-page SEO services.

Digital marketing reporting

to see measurable results and make data-driven decisions.

Icon of a megaphone with 2 speech bubbles, one with a hashtag in it and the other with a like/thumbs up button.

Social media marketing

to reach prospective students on the social platforms they love.

Icon representing concept of site speed. Web page with a speedometer on it.

Sitewide audits

to identify pain points in web design and craft strategies for optimization.

Icon of an increasing line graph bursting out a magnifying glass. Represents the concept of organic SEO marketing.

Keyword and market research

to ensure you offer the right answers to your target audience at the right time in their student journey.

Our Expertise

Overall college enrollment rates in the United States have declined in the past 15 years. Coupled with a boost in online course enrollment, it’s clear that colleges and universities have to not only stand out to a dwindling pool of applicants, but also need to meet potential students where they are at: online.

When the stakes are this high, it pays for higher ed to hire a digital marketing agency that knows how these institutions work, both in person and online.

At Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing, we have a proven track record of helping nonprofit and for-profit higher education institutions. We help our education clients craft winning brand strategies to promote their courses to potential students online and enhance user experience through optimized website designs.

A female college student studies online.

Partner with Digital Strike – Targeted Marketing

We’re the digital marketing agency that knows the unique challenges of enrollment marketing and digital advertising for state schools and community colleges. But higher ed is far from the only industry we know. We also have plenty of experience empowering clients in other industries and verticals, including:

Red clipart of a DNA double helix, representing the concept of genomics and medical research.

Healthcare Research

Red clipart of one building linking out to two smaller identical buildings, representing the concept of franchise groups.

Franchise Groups

Red clipart of two business people reviewing information while talking to each other (displayed with speech bubbles). Represents the concept of business consulting.

Business Consulting

Red icon representing the concept of ISP marketing.

ISP Marketing

Red icon of a plant sprouting out of tilled soil, representing the concept of agriculture.


Red clipart of a mechanical cog inside a dotted circle, surrounded by a fan, water droplet, snowflake, and flame. Represents the concept of HVAC.


Red clipart of a hand holding up weights, representing the concept of legal services.

Legal Services

Red clipart of a cyclical process of industrial distribution, with processes flowing from plant to truck to person.


Red clipart of a person pushing a mechanical cog that has a US dollar sign inside of it in the foreground. Background shows a house. Represents the concept of mortgage lending.

Mortgage Lenders

Red clipart of a leaking pipe and wrench, representing the concept of plumbing.


Red clipart of a basic sloped roof, representing the concept of roofing.


Red clipart of an elderly couple using canes inside a building; a heart is over their heads. Represents the concept of senior living.

Senior Living

Red clipart of three mechanical cogs. Representing the concept of manufacturing.



Looking for a nimble team of experts who know this industry inside and out? Contact us today to learn more about how Digital Strike, as a higher education marketing agency, can help your institution find new opportunities to boost student recruitment and retention.

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