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Website Redesign Generates 51.6% More Organic Traffic

One of our long-term clients saw that their site traffic was stagnant, but they didn’t know what the problem was. We figured out the issue and offered personalized solutions based on their needs and budget.


Hermann Wine Trail is a group of seven family-owned wineries located in Hermann, MO.

With several events a year, you can visit each winery with a special food pairing and theme. Hermann Wine Trail was one of our first clients.

The process was seamless. Digital Strike was very approachable and always answered our questions. Once we implemented their recommendations and launched the new site, our engagements doubled!

Patty Held
Hermann Wine Trail


They had a very limited website and weren’t getting the traffic, ticket sales, or email sign-ups they wanted.


A strategic redesign of their website to improve usability, tracking, and calls-to-action.


211.7% increase in newsletter sign-ups and 51.7% increase in organic traffic in one year.

The Problem

They wanted more site traffic, ticket sales, or email sign-ups.

We soon discovered that Hermann Wine Trail had a website that was limiting them from gaining more traffic and conversions. We didn’t think that they’d be able to grow further with it. They wanted more site traffic, ticket sales, or email sign-ups.

But before we started suggesting solutions and changes, we needed to know exactly what we needed to fix and not just go on a hunch. We suggested an audit of both technical issues and content so we could determine the most logical way of fixing their problem.

We knew that we couldn’t fix everything all at once due to budget constrictions, so we wanted to give them the solutions that would help them the most and wouldn’t break the bank.


We conducted an audit of their old site. From the audit, we decided they needed a few new things:

  • Website design refresh
  • New content
  • More strategic calls-to-action
  • Tracking and other technical fixes
  • They also had a separate mobile site from the desktop version – which is a problem in Google’s Mobile First world

With the new site, they have a new look, technical fixes on their website that makes tracking easier, and their site is mobile friendly! They also have new content and eye-catching and strategic calls-to-action.

But anyone can make those changes. That doesn’t mean that they will yield results. A new website doesn’t necessarily guarantee more traffic. “If you build it, they will come,” doesn’t really apply to the internet.

You need a complete digital strategy, like link building, conversion optimization, and content strategy to see positive results.

How about a little before and after action?


Hermann Wine Trail Case Study - Old Website


Hermann Wine Trail Case Study - New Website




We had to figure out the right problems to fix, and the best solutions for those problems, that would maximize their marketing investment.

Hermann Wine Trail’s success is something we’re particularly proud of because they didn’t have a large budget. Which is fine by us because it made us get more creative with their solutions. We had to figure out the right problems to fix, and the best solutions for those problems, that would maximize their marketing investment.

It just goes to show that you don’t need a million dollar budget to make a big difference in your site’s performance. A thoughtful strategy is really what you need the most.

17.8% Increase in Total Traffic

51.6% Increase Organic Search Traffic

67.4% Increase in Contact Form Submissions

211.7% Increase in Newsletter Signups



The new website was a solid foundation on which to build a comprehensive digital strategy.

They have a fairly limited budget, but we’ve accomplished so much with the budget they have.

We offered solutions we knew would make the biggest difference for them, especially since they didn’t have thousands or millions of dollars to spend. We always take into account our clients’ needs and budget before we come back with ideas to help them.

Are there things we’d like to change? Yes, of course. We’re perfectionists!

But we greatly improved their results with the budget they had, and we’re proud of it. We continue to test different things because a new website doesn’t mean you’re done improving. We’re always recommending new content and testing new strategies based on the data from their new website, so we can continue to improve and expand on their success.


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