Other Websites Stealing Your Leads?

If you’re responsible for overseeing the marketing initiatives for a business, especially in the senior living industry, you’ve probably encountered the same question multiple times:

Why are all these lead generation websites showing up when I search our name?

This could be in reference to both the ads at the top of the results or the organic listings below the ads.

It might even be a point of contention (and frustration) among your team members — perhaps permeating as deeply as (hopefully not) upper management.

These third-party websites have skilled staff that know how to optimize content to show up for your name – then get YOUR leads – and sell them back to you.

Yes, third-party lead generation websites — particularly the larger ones, such as A Place For Mom and Caring.com — offer an attractive, easy alternative to developing out your own digital marketing strategy but just because something is easy in the short-term doesn’t mean it is the right direction for long-term growth.

Let’s face it, your facility needs heads in beds, and when it comes to acquiring opportunities to increase resident count, what do you do: 

  • Reap short-term benefits by partnering with third-party senior living directories and paying for warm leads, which may lead to diminishing returns over time
  • Forgo quick returns in favor of long-term results by improving digital marketing efforts by leveraging the potential of the community website to generate new leads autonomously

Our recommendation on how to best resolve this dilemma is clear — and emphatic.

These lead generation websites certainly have their place, but the role they play in targeting and converting prospects for residency should be complementary to the one tool in your kit that will always — and we mean always — be your community’s top salesperson: your website. 


Want to know how a major senior living community took back their brand and decreased their cost per lead?

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Ryan Faller

Ryan works as a Digital Strategist and spends his time implementing creative solutions for clients to help them meet their marketing objectives. A jack of all trades, Ryan has worked the better part of the last 15 years in the online realm in a number of capacities, from SEO and paid search to content creation and landing page optimization. When not in the office, Ryan enjoys staying active, including exercising and playing sports, working around the house, taking in some live music, trying new restaurants, and enjoying a good craft beer.

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