Is SEO opportunity actually shrinking?

Organic search opportunity has always been a constantly changing field. 

Algorithm changes send everyone into a tizzy a few times a year. 

There are changes on the results pages making ads bigger and more subtly labeled.

“Spot 0” – that answer box you often see if your query is easily answerable – takes away another organic result spot. 

Google Shopping is changing the way people buy things online.

And now voice search is starting to change the landscape of searches and results too.

Dear god, when will it end?

When will all of the SEO changes end???
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Never probably. 

But that’s why you need SEOs. 

They pull their hair out over the ever-changing landscape of organic search opportunity, so you don’t have to. 

(And because we love the challenge)

With all of the changes to organic search, is SEO opportunity dying?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: it’s not shrinking, but it will eventually morph into something completely different than the SEO we know today.

And that’s okay.

Because organic search opportunity has already changed irrevocably from what it used to be and we learned to adapt.

I’m talking about mobile, y’all!

When Google first came into our lives, no one was using their phones to search.

Catch you on the flip side
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Now mobile searches surpass desktop by a wide margin and Google uses the mobile-friendliness of a site as a significant ranking factor.

That’s a huge difference that no one could have foreseen until it was already happening.

Same goes for all of the changes happening right now.

We don’t know precisely how voice search is going to change SEO.

Or what algorithm changes are headed our way in the next few years.

And we don’t know how Google Shopping will affect e-commerce searches.

Here’s what we do know:

  • Huge changes won’t happen overnight. Or even this year.
  • People will continue to predict the death of SEO, and they’ll continue to be wrong.
  • Google will continue to serve useful content that best answers a search query.

Because that’s Google’s primary mission – to make every search results page the best it can be. 

But they can’t do that without people like us and the rest of the online world creating high-quality content they can serve up to searchers. 

Yes, we have to follow some of their rules in order to be favored by their algorithm. But their algorithm wouldn’t have a job if people didn’t make the good stuff.

So, no, organic search opportunity is not dying.

It’s just changing again, and we’re going to have to change with it.

And we’ll be there every step of the way – adapting our strategies and implementing new best practices for our clients.

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